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dealing with youtube idiots

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Mar. 12th, 2011 | 09:25 am

"It appears I have created some tension posting on your videos, I'm sorry if I voice my opinion brashly, as it is just who I am. I've been watching your videos since I found your mini painting tutorial and I suffered through the Alvin and the Chipmunk voices because I was interested in what you had to say in your reviews.Sadly, this last string of lets plays I just haven't found as entertaining as the game reviews. bad enough to make me actually respond. I've kept my comments vague because 155 characters is not enough to explain opinions and I really didn't think you cared, but if you really want to know just ask I'd be happy to explain it to you. Anyway I said my bit if any more comes of it I'll try to keep it off your videos, shitposting is annoying."
"Well, yes, "shit posting" is annoying. If you dislike the Let's Play videos why do you watch them? You have the option to skip watching a video if you don't like the subject matter...

The Let's Plays are aimed at people who actually like watching LPs. That, and they fill in the silence between when I am able to do game reviews. Sadly game reviews take a LOT more time to film and edit, and thanks to school, work, etc. I don't have the time to do it as often as I'd like. I don't get paid or anything like youtube partners like Tobuscus and Sxephil do, I have to work and such which leaves me very little "free" time (i.e. time I can spend doing videos).

Anyway, certainly it's not my intent to bore anyone. But I don't understand why you watch the videos and post negative things on them but say you don't mean to be negative. Just don't watch them then? You should never feel "bad enough to make [you] actually respond." That's absurd."
"Well I watch your videos because up until the last few months I have enjoyed them, you have a good voice and a distinct personality. Do you turn your back to a friend who is doing something you dont like ordo you tell them you dont like it? I'll admit the anonymity of the internet prolly made me alittle negative. When you originally switched to this channel you said it was going to be a step towards like serious reviewing or whatever which is really cool. Saying you dont get paid though like sxephil or tobuscus (who has terrible Letsplays) isn't really a good reason to not put out good content. If your just doing them for whatever then by all means keep on doing whatever. Also I really enjoy reading and watching lets plays some of my favorites being anything by Slowbeef, Cybershells Sonic LP, the Illbleed LP, and the Devil May Cry lp's by accounting nightmare. most of these probably aren't on youtube but are on the lparchive.org. one on youtube i've found that I like quite alot is psimonkey1337's kirby dream course and his glover lp's."
"Well perhaps the difference lies in that I actually find Toby's LPs hilarious. I'm sorry you "don't like" what I've been doing, but that's really not my problem. Other people do, and I've received a lot more positive than negative remarks on my new channel, unlike the daily hate mail I got/get on my old one. No one is forcing you to watch my LP videos. I clearly mark which videos are LPs and which are reviews. Feel free to skip watching the LPs and only watch the reviews.
My point about the youtube partners is only that I have VERY little time to do videos throughout the week, so I can only find the time to do a good review video maybe once a month max. However I would have 0 subs stick around if I only posted monthly videos, which is why I do the LPs. (That and they're fun).

Finally, I'm sorry but being a long-time subscriber does not make you my "friend." Even if you were, what kind of logic is that? Unless my "friend" is doing something that physically harms themselves or others, I'm not so egotistical as to presume to "correct their ways." Especially if your version of "advice" is just to trashtalk each of their works.

I understand you'll probably ragequit and unsubscribe after receiving this message, maybe even try to rally some more haters to teabag my videos in your absence, but so be it. I'm not going to cancel doing videos I enjoy and that others seem to enjoy because one person dislikes them. Sorry, I won't."

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