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(no subject)

Oct. 28th, 2010 | 10:55 pm

[10:53:33] Crow: going to reach out at edward i think
[10:53:45] Cleo: huh?
[10:53:53] Crow: with rowan in my next post
[10:53:56] Cleo: okay?
[10:54:03] Cleo: you know you have my full permission to do anything
[10:54:04] Cleo: except like
[10:54:07] Cleo: commandeer his staff
[10:54:11] Crow: haha
[10:54:18] Crow: oh i'll commandeer his "staff" all right
[10:54:19] Cleo: or like, make ed do something more compliated than follow a direct simple order
[10:54:22] Cleo: XDDDdd
[10:54:24] Cleo: omgggggggggggggg
[10:54:28] Cleo: i laughed so hard just now
[10:54:31] Cleo: both my parents are like wtf
[10:54:35] Crow: haha

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in which river is her typical cuntish bitchy self

Oct. 28th, 2010 | 09:08 pm

Cleo: anyway i'm going to try to finish this up
Cleo: see you when i see you
River: Are you leaving?
Cleo: going afk
River: Okay.
River: I'll likely be around a while.
Cleo: mm
Cleo: i may go to bed soon
Cleo: i'm still sick
River: ... fine..
Cleo: don't be petulant
River: I'll see you tomorrow. if you're actually on.
Cleo: don
Cleo: tbe
Cleo: petulant
River: I'm not, just tired of being told one thing and getting another.
Cleo: my life does not revolve around you, river
Cleo: yes well that's life
River: I don't ask that it does.
Cleo: yet you throw a fit if i can't be on for your rp desires
Cleo: argh why are audio books showing up in the music folder
River: I'm not throwing a fit.
Cleo: maybe not but you have
River: I'm not screaming, swearing, or doing anything that could be considered a fit.
Cleo: lol
Cleo: you're being petulant
Cleo: good enough
Cleo: anyway it doesn't matter
Cleo: afk
River: -sighs-
River: Look.
River: Just
River: ... forget it.
River: How about this, then.
River: I won't text you. Or IM you.
Cleo: there you go having dramatics again.
River: When, or if, you have the time, avaliability and motivation to rp, you IM me.
Cleo: learn some moderation, for chrissakes
River: I'm tired of having to put up with being dragged around.
River: jerked around, whatever.
River: I know you're busy but if you've got to say something, say you won't be on. surprise me, don't disappoint me.
Cleo: jerked around lol
Cleo: you are so dramatic
Cleo: i don't want to have to check in like you're an overly worried parent when i'm on or not
Cleo: if i'm on, i'm on
River: keep my expectations lower than the mercury in antartica and I'll be much happier when you actually do come through.
Cleo: if i'm not on, i'm either busy or have no desire to be on
Cleo: it's really that simple
River: I'm aware.
Cleo: oh my god
Cleo: you are being such a bitch about this
River: and I said it pretty simple, didn't I?
Cleo: "when you actually do come through"
River: No, I'm not.
Cleo: as if i'm flaking out for a job
River: I'm tired of chasing you around.
Cleo: do you realize how ridiculous you sound
Cleo: aha.
Cleo: then don't chase me
Cleo: this shouldn't be a job
River: Maybe I sound ridiculuous, but I'm tired.
River: You're right. It shouldn't be this diffcult.
Cleo: you need to stop attaching yourself to other people like this
Cleo: you're extremely codependent
River: If yhou really want to rp you'd find the time for it.
Cleo: lol
Cleo: there you go again
Cleo: reread this conversation when you're clear minded, please
River: Obviously I rank pretty goddamn low on your list of priorities, which isn't that surprising.
River: I probably won't.
Cleo: and try to see what it is in your tone i take such offense to
Cleo: there go the drama works.
Cleo: fine, have hysterics.
Cleo: i'm tired of dealingwith them.
River: You take offense at everything I say unless I'm being a doormat.
River: Even then you get offended.
Cleo: not true
Cleo: but believe what you want
River: Look, whatever.
River: I am tired
Cleo: you're not prepared to handle this rationally, so i'm going to save my breath
River: I just wanted
River: to fucking rp
River: a tiny bit.
Cleo: to make it sound like i'm a bitch for not wanting to rp right now
River: but I can't get anyone to behave or be online or just fucking be here.
Cleo: so find more rp partners
Cleo: this is what you ahve to do
Cleo: "donb't put all your eggs in one basket" and all that
Cleo: trust me there are decent rp partners out there
Cleo: it took me a while but i found them
Cleo: you can too
Cleo: you ahve the added benefit of being online all the time and having a wider range of, er, interests
River: ...
River: That was uncalled for.
Cleo: oh my god
Cleo: what are you perceiving as an insult now
River: Besides, that's not my style. I run something more like a life-partner style. I find people, and very quickly determine if they're worth sticking with. And I have only two, maybe three, people like this, but I am deathly loyal to them.
River: It takes time to get me to trust someone.
Cleo: that's not healthy
River: And trust, for me, is a requirement for good rp.
Cleo: oh really.
River: Yes..
Cleo: because i've never known what it's like to have a single partner for rp
Cleo: and what it meant whens he didn't feel like playing or wanted to play when i didn't or wanted to take the rp in a direction that depressed the hell out of me
Cleo: and then she, oh yeah, fucking died
River: -sighs-
River: Look.
River: I don't want to argue.
Cleo: lol
River: I apologize for starting this one in the first place.
Cleo: then maybe you should listen to waht 'm telling you
River: But I'd like to stop it, now.
Cleo: instead of immediately jumping into passive aggressive mode
River: You're telling me to leae.
River: *leave.
Cleo: no, i'm not actually
River: You're basically telling me 'Go find someone else'
Cleo: i'm telling you to stop being a bitch
Cleo: if you can't be content to wait until i'm ready and willing to rp, then yes
Cleo: but if you want to wait until I can and will rp, then dot hat
Cleo: you CAN have more than one rp going at a time, trust me, it's possible
River: I said already thats what I'll do.
River: I normally do
Cleo: but you hadt o say it in a way that makes me sound like a complete bitch
Cleo: which is psychotic
River: Until I made that dumb promise and Jim nailed me to the wall with it.
Cleo: you are really investing way too much importance in something thaT IS supposed to be fun
Cleo: two rps is not multiple rps
Cleo: i have five going right now
Cleo: some are fast, others are slow
Cleo: the slow ones i put more thought into and make my posts longer
Cleo: but the nice thing about having 5 going at once is that there's usually at elast one post a day to be written
Cleo: however if i don't feel like writing that day, i don't have to
River: 5 forum rps, you mean.
Cleo: not all
Cleo: and one is forum but 1v1
Cleo: one is email/im, whichever we're both on
Cleo: one is im
Cleo: one is email
Cleo: two are forum rp but really only with one person each
River: I see.
Cleo: i'm not fond of forum rp terrible but you get used to it
Cleo: you make concessions to find happiness
Cleo: you don't bitch out people trying to conform them to what you want
River: You make too many concessions and you won't wind up happy either way.
River: But look.
River: Enough.
Cleo: lol
Cleo: you know, not everything has to be a fight
River: I've already delivered my part. I'll leave you alone until you're actually ready and willing.
Cleo: but then i've just wsted the last half hour
River: Then it's wasted.
Cleo: but then, these talks never do good either wya, do they
River: You know where to find me.
Cleo: well that's pointless.
River: Goodnight.
Cleo: *sigh*
Cleo: ok then, run away from your problems and see if they go away on their own e.e
River: Hah.. yeah, some do.. but I can't ever outrun the worst one.
Cleo: your rage issues?
River: Primarily because no matter how fast or far you run, you can't outrun yourself.
Cleo: and tendency to immediatley leap onto the passive aggressive negative front?
Cleo: right
Cleo: so stop running and deal with yourself
River: I'm going.
Cleo: *rubs forehead*
Cleo: k then
River: Like I said. You know where to find me.
Cleo: so dramatic lol
River: Hope you get well soon.
River: Goodbye.
Cleo: adios
River: Wish I could laugh at everything like you do.
River: we're not all that lucky, though.
Cleo: I'm not a jackass
River: Didn't say you were.
Cleo: but you would kill me with ulcers if I let you affect me with your hysterics every time
River: Can't fault you for self-preservation.
River: That in mind, from here out you control how often you deal with me.
River: So.
Cleo: river, seriously
Cleo: stop talking like that
River: I am serious, Cleo.
Cleo: i'm not a fucking bitch
River: I never called you one.
Cleo: is it impossible for you to moderate how you interact with me?
Cleo: oh yes you did
Cleo: inadvertently but you certainly did
Cleo: hey i have an idea
River: I'm saying that I'm letting you be until you're ready and willing to rp. I'm not going to pester or bother or needle you.
Cleo: you and crow should rp
River: You'd think that'd be a good thing.
River: You complain about Crow all the time.
River: Why would I want to rp with her?
Cleo: no i don't
Cleo: i like crow
River: Fine. I'll give her a try if it will please you.
River: What's her AIM?
Cleo: [08:19:08] Crow: kind if wish i could get to know her
[08:19:10] Crow: not to like
[08:19:15] Crow: argue with her or whatever but
[08:19:19] Cleo: so talk to her
[08:19:23] Crow: she does seem intelligent beyond her weird world views
[08:19:43] Crow: i couldn't, it'd be kind of a breach
[08:20:27] Cleo: you should talk right now
[08:20:35] Crow: well you should ask her first if it is okay
River: Fine.
River: I'm dead serious about what I said though. I will not IM or text or message you in any way. It's in your hands. I'll just be patient.
Cleo: that's bizarre.
River: Tell her to send me an IM I guess.
River: Or I can send one to her
Cleo: how do you make a chatroom in trillian
River: I don't know.
River: I'll make it.
Cleo: invite me plz
Cleo: we'll do a semi formal introduction
Cleo: uh
Cleo: i clicked ok but nothing happened
Cleo: invite me again

((in the chatroom))

[08:25:43] VornerinRandir: Well. Hello, Crow.
[08:25:50] VornerinRandir: Cleo tells me you're good at rp.
[08:25:55] Cleo: very good
[08:25:56] crow: hi river. i hear the same about you.
[08:25:59] Cleo: crow should be a published author
[08:26:13] VornerinRandir: That's surprising. That you've heard the same of me, I mean.
[08:26:24] crow: Usually when I meet people for the first time online I type properly, but when I'm relaxed, I don't. So I am trying to be more honest but it feels oddly forced.
[08:26:26] VornerinRandir: I'm sure Cleo's told you plenty of other things about me as well.
[08:26:27] crow: So I'll just type however.
[08:26:42] VornerinRandir: Type however you wish. i'm not a stickler outside of rp.
[08:26:58] crow: I see Cleo rip people apart for the smallest error when she doesn't care for their RP styles.
[08:27:04] VornerinRandir: Even then, I'm not very good myself so I won't catch many mistakes.
[08:27:07] VornerinRandir: Yup.
[08:27:07] crow: So I know whoever she does approve of meets her impossible high standard.
[08:27:12] Cleo: lol i'm getting better crow
[08:27:13] Cleo: be nice
[08:27:19] crow: i am being nice
[08:27:22] Cleo: i'm even playing with gray even though he sucks at punctiation see
[08:27:29] Cleo: punctuation
[08:27:32] Cleo: i am sick, shut up

[08:34:24] Cleo: river
[08:34:26] Cleo: stop dying
[08:34:30] VornerinRandir: Yes
[08:34:33] VornerinRandir: Alright.
[08:34:38] Cleo: seriously relax
[08:34:41] Cleo: this isn't a job interview
[08:34:52] crow: River, forgive me for making this sound like small talk but I am interested in getting to know you.
[08:34:58] crow: So I'd like to ask you your preferred genre.
[08:35:04] VornerinRandir: I don't really have one.
[08:35:16] Cleo: brita is pretty
[08:35:24] crow: I think her face looks weird
[08:35:49] VornerinRandir: In my opinion two good roleplayers can take any scenario and/or setup and spin an interesting tale. I have a few genres I lean on more consistently but I like trying new stuff too.
[08:36:19] VornerinRandir: However, before we go any further it's only fair to warn you.
[08:36:24] crow: Yes, I usually tend to fantasy, but I enjoy most things. I steer away from modern settings and post apocalyptica, but if the story is compelling I'd get into it.
[08:36:57] VornerinRandir: I'm sure cleo has filled you in extensively on my many personality issues. My other main partner also recently informed me I tend to use too many of my own character traits in my characters, which is apparently a flaw, and that I have low writing stamina.
[08:37:15] VornerinRandir: You seem like a nice person so I don't wish to waste your time.
[08:37:25] crow: Actually I don't really know much about you at all, aside from you're the only other RP partner of Cleo's that I know of.
[08:37:33] VornerinRandir: I'm surprised.
[08:37:54] VornerinRandir: Well. Cleo, could you make a short list of the worst of my issues?
[08:38:00] VornerinRandir: Like the top.. 10 or so?
[08:38:10] VornerinRandir: You'd know better than I would.
[08:38:28] crow: Oh great, my last message was too long.
[08:38:37] crow: It was a brief autobiographical essay.
[08:38:47] crow: I'm not really nice. I'm friendly and accomodating but I am cynical, inwardly bitter, chronically numb, prone to private emotional breakdowns over trivial things that I don't tell anyone about (usually they happen in my car),
[08:38:52] crow: and for fun I troll this chatroom of teenage RPers because I often can't stand them.
[08:39:13] VornerinRandir: Ah.
[08:39:29] Cleo: um
[08:39:32] Cleo: sorry i was watching tv
[08:39:45] VornerinRandir: It's fine.
[08:39:47] VornerinRandir: List, please?
[08:39:56] Cleo: omg i wanna see harry potter
[08:39:56] crow: It doesn't really seem necessary.
[08:40:13] crow: You mean Notalent Cantact.
[08:40:18] Cleo: wait you steer away from post apocalypse? really? ;_;
[08:40:25] VornerinRandir: I just feel it's only fair.
[08:40:31] crow: Yeah it's depressing and I can't stand it.
[08:40:33] VornerinRandir: They put warnings on cigarette packages, after all.
[08:40:49] crow: I doubt you'll give me cancer.
[08:40:58] Cleo: wait crow
[08:40:58] VornerinRandir: No but I may give you ulcers.
[08:41:00] Cleo: you went back to irc?
[08:41:05] Cleo: you're both from rpg btw
[08:41:11] crow: yeah i've been back there for a few months.
[08:41:29] Cleo: river you're being ridiculous
[08:41:34] Cleo: your biggest flaw is that you're ridiculous
[08:41:35] Cleo: there, happy? :p
[08:41:49] Cleo: you're not on a dating site
[08:41:54] Cleo: who cares what your personality flaws are
[08:41:55] VornerinRandir: I never really liked RPG..
[08:42:04] Cleo: i know i'm just saying you're both from there
[08:42:06] VornerinRandir: every good rp died within a few weeks, while stupid ones ran for ages.
[08:42:25] VornerinRandir: Well, it felt that way, to me anyhow.
[08:42:30] crow: I only really get ulcers when people are cripplingly unaware of themselves, are chronically incompetent, or play games by using facades and subtle deception instead of being genuine.
[08:42:39] crow: Which, right off the bat, are vibes I don't get from you.
[08:42:50] VornerinRandir: Considering how often you complain about me, Cleo, I'd think you'd want to warn your friend about me.
[08:42:56] VornerinRandir: Ah.
[08:42:58] VornerinRandir: yes, well.
[08:43:12] crow: I've been running Soulcraft. It's an RP that started back in early August and is still running now at a healthy pace.
[08:43:29] crow: It's the first RP i've been in that didn't die in under a month.
[08:43:34] crow: I also have the honor of calling it mine.
[08:43:36] VornerinRandir: I'm incompetent but have moments of shining mediocracy, I'm fairly unaware of myself but not cripplingly so, not yet, and I don't play games though apparently I have a tendency towards passive-aggressiveness.

((so back in IM I'm like))

Cleo: don't tell me you'r ebeing shy
Cleo: and it'd be better if you stopped writing such emo things
Cleo: i'm not as much of a bitch as you think me
River: Mh.
Cleo: talk.
Cleo: crow doesn't bite
Cleo: hard
Cleo: she can sound very cold but it's like
Cleo: a joke
River: Lovely.
Cleo: oh get over it
River: I'm pretty used to coldness by now.
Cleo: she's nice rthan me i'm sure
Cleo: drama.
River: We'll see.
Cleo: seriously, you can stop being mean now
Cleo: all your comments have been 'i suck because' or 'cleo is a bitch'
Cleo: why are you being like that
River: -shrug-
River: I don't want to waste her time.
Cleo: you are
Cleo: self sabotaging
Cleo: and ridiculous
Cleo: knock it off
River: better for her to think poorly of me than to think well of me and find otu I'm awful.
Cleo: river
Cleo: you're talking like a psychopath
Cleo: seriously, stop it
River: Maybe I am a psychopath.
Cleo: you aren't always that way, i know you aren't
Cleo: okay, you know what
Cleo: i give up0
Cleo: if you're that determined to make yourself miserable, have at
River: Alright.
Cleo: but stop calling me a bitch in the process
Cleo: I'm trying to help you and all you do is insult me and spit in my face
River: Very well.
River: You have a selfish motive at the core of it.
Cleo: oh do i.
River: Please do not act so high and mighty.
Cleo: so glad you know my inner psyche better than i do.
Cleo: please don't presume to know my purpose in things.
River: If you can foister me off onto Crow or someone else you won't hve to deal with me as much.
Cleo: as a matter of fact, crow was the first one to say she wanted to meet you
Cleo: *rubs forehead*
Cleo: okay, you're in bitch mode, have fun with that
River: Coincidence, I'm sure.
River: -shrugs-
River: It's difficult for me to get to know her with you there.
River: And I don't know what all you have or haven't told her.
River: Which puts me on an uneven playing field.
Cleo: just as she doesn't know what i've told you?
River: True, but I have a memory like a seive.
River: All I recall is you bitching about her occasionally, never specifically why
River: except for the very last one where she went to restart and never came back
Cleo: everyone bitches about everyone
Cleo: if you really hate someone, you never metnion them
River: true enough.


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weird messages on youtube time

Oct. 28th, 2010 | 02:14 pm

Hi Cleo Or Cloe
how ever you say your name i am not sure. its a Pretty Interesting name

ide love to learn to Originis on it

but thats beside the point

my name is Caleb Lee Lambright


i Play Wii
DS and PS2 and i have a PSP aswell

which i just hacked and play stuff

my Faverate GAMES

Trauma Center
Kingdom Hearts
Luminious Arc
Shining (Shining Force was awesome on Genisis)
Brawl Melee and 64
Banjo Kazooie
Donkey Kong Country
Yoshi's Island
Fable was cool too
Golden Eye
Mario Party
Rune Factory
Mario Kart
any other series u can guess probly along the lines of Which i mentioned

i also like Crash bandicoots earlier games
and Games like Joust
Maybe some fighting Games
Mortal Kombat etc

i dont Like Xbox 360 and Xbox allthough i admire The Online Community
Friendcodes Suck

i Dont Like Sony as a componay for video games
anymore then i Like the FACT MICROSOFT STOLE RARE


but i respect those who Play PS2s and Xbox just as much as i support the Dream Cast

but i am a Nintendo Man all the way

i thought you were interesting

but i dont Believe Women should be Feminists
and i Believe Jesus Christ was one of the GREATEST Liberators of Women
examples would be Showing Mercy to Prostitutes etc

but i digress
i dont think you ment Men are stupid when u were obviously refering to Just guys on XBOX

but i want to say this
i think i like you

and i am NOT asking you OUT on a DATE
nore am i hitting on you Flirting ETC

i just think your a Possibly Cool person

and it be NICE to potentially find Some GIRLs who actuly Like Games

but there about as Hard to Find as Night Wisps
(Reference to Legend of the Seeker Sword of Truth Book Series)

i Do Believe in GOD
i am a Christian
Jesus is the Lord of ALL
and i am 21 Years Old

if u want to be Friends we can

ps ONLY girls who are Feminists cant find Sexism funny

Make me a Sandwhich!

Just Kidding

in fact i like to cook

would you Like me to Make you Some Pancakes or Maybe my Special
Midnight snack?

Its basicly Ritz Crackers Original With Colby and Montera Jack Cheese
12 to 24 Crackers
in sets of 2 With about a Half Inch of Cheese in between them Micro waved at normal tempreture for 20 seconds

its realy good youde like it

Just Remeber NOT ALL guys HATE WOMEN
and NOT ALL GUYS want Sex (well actuly All people want SEX but Not all guys will sell there souls for it)

Soooo yeah
Sorry about your Feministic Rant about Xbox Gamers
i am not being sarcastic just being honest

you should Check out a Funny Video of College humor titled XBOX gamers girls REVENGE

anyways be GREATFUL there is NO SUCH THING AS Menimists
the Male Equivilant of Feminists

Remeber Women are More then Equal to Men
but Feminists are allways WRONG

Later Aligator

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angel zombie

Oct. 21st, 2010 | 10:43 pm

Cleo: i need to stop looking at angel's gallery
Cleo: or maybe i need to look -more- to desensitive myself
Cleo: sensitize
Cleo: i can't spell
Vornerin: Whatever feels right to you.
Cleo: bringing angel back from the dead feels right
Vornerin: -nods-
Cleo: ...that's impossible, river
Vornerin: Oh,.. wait did you mean that literally?
Cleo: angel no longer exists
Cleo: nah.
Cleo: zombie-angel would be creepy.
Vornerin: Sorry.. I assumed you'd meant it metaphorically..
Vornerin: X3;;
Cleo: if i could, i'd make her never to have died
Vornerin Randir: I know.
Cleo: lol zombie angel
Cleo: now i'm picturing an angel...zombie

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(no subject)

Oct. 19th, 2010 | 12:01 am
emotions: amusedamused

[23:59:04] Ceridwen: http://www.casualkiss.com/members/tylerjoe9 ew
[23:59:15] Ceridwen: "
my name is tyler i'm 28 years i love to party i'm single for a long time i like to try new things i like meeting new people i'm nice person i'm native i live in big cove newbrunswick
[23:59:19] Ceridwen: and he's balding
[23:59:21] Ceridwen: with buck teeth
[23:59:21] Ceridwen: ew
[23:59:26] Ceridwen: ugly AND an idiot
[23:59:27] Ceridwen: ew
[23:59:54] Ceridwen: he's nice person, crow.
[00:00:04] Ceridwen: What are you looking for in a partner?
be honest has good humor loves to watch movies
[00:00:15] Ceridwen: My therapist describes my personality(s) as..
lol i don't need therapist
[00:00:23] Ceridwen: he fails the sarcasm meter as well.
[00:00:28] Ceridwen: just an all round winner, really.

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elitist bitch is elitist

Oct. 17th, 2010 | 10:59 pm

Vornerin: ... half the pictures are of a dog..
Cleo: a pitbull at that
Vornerin: What's wrong with pit bulls, though..?
Cleo: uhhhhhhhh
Cleo: no comment
Vornerin: ....
Vornerin: You know, if they're not -trained- to be vicious fighting dogs, pit bulls can be among the sweetest, most trustworthy animals you can own. you're statistically more likely to be bitten by a chihuahua.
Cleo: k then
Vornerin: Well I hate to see ignorance
Vornerin: especially in someone who usually is above that sort of thing.
Cleo: a chihuahua would have to be very hard pressed to kill you though
Cleo: you hear about pitbulls eating babies all the time
Cleo: oh don't be so elitist
Cleo: whatever, drop it
Vornerin: Fine.

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Oct. 17th, 2010 | 10:16 pm

Cleo: i['m bored
Cleo: let's have another tangent dream
River: fucks sakes
River: we haven't rp'd in like three weeks and we do five posts and you're like 'k im bored let's do random stuff'
Cleo: yes
Cleo: it's been so long i'm out of flow with astin
Cleo: remember
Cleo: roll with it
Cleo: this is what makes rp fun
Cleo: spontaneity
River: it doesn't make sense to do another dream like that now
River: oh, fine.
Cleo: it's not reasonless, tan has been following her all this time
River: -sighs-
Cleo: or don't rp
River: God I'm such a freaking pussy.
Cleo: choice is yours
River: No, fine
River: just
River: post.
Cleo: be nice
Cleo: not being unreasonably obstinate for once makes you a pussy?
River: no..
River: giving up at the slightest chance of losing you makes me a pussy.
Cleo: whatever

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Oct. 10th, 2010 | 04:14 pm

Awkward: having a male friend lust after you and not take "no" for an answer
Awkwarder: having a nosy bitch suddenly ask "are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?" Then replying to your resounding "no!" With "hey, you might be someday!"

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lol OH BOY I get $25,000! Wait no, this is a scam...

Oct. 5th, 2010 | 05:54 pm


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oh that's rich, SHE blocked ME? XD

Sep. 24th, 2010 | 08:44 pm
emotions: aggravatedaggravated

Cleo: Given no chance to rest when he was not being carried or forced along on horseback, Ahn's brief recovery had relapsed, and he was almost as bad as that first horrible night. At Lirael's words, his head lolled back and he eyed her, eyes covered with a feverish gloss. Throat dry, his tongue fell out and he whined, absently pawing at bare air.

Before Lirael could make a response, the door rang with a sudden, urgent knock. On the other side stood two boys, one of early adolescence and another a few years younger. The latter held a much-abused stuffed bear by one leg, and held hands with the older boy. Both looked in with curiosity, but the elder was mature enough to eye Lirael cautiously, knowing a capable woman when he saw one.

"Wh'e wanna sees deh woof," the smaller boy erupted suddenly, breaking into a gap-toothed grin.

"Please," the other quickly added, giving his brother a reproachful look. "We would like t' see the wolf, please." Then he faced Lirael again, shy, wary, but polite.*
River: Merf
River: in his condition should he really be having visitors? :/
Cleo: um
Cleo: you know kids
Cleo: they won't go away until you give them waht they want
Cleo: but inqy could try to dissuade them
Cleo: inqy wtf
Cleo: lirael
River: yeeeeah
River: -sighs-
Cleo: ..
Cleo: stop acting so put upon
Cleo: i needed to get lirael out of the room
River: Well I feel put upon.
Cleo: sigh.
Cleo: maybe we shouldn't play then
Cleo: if it's such a chore.
River: It's like you're throwing stuff at me once again just because the current situation's not exciting enough.
Cleo: no, actually i have a reason
River: Normally it isn't a chore
Cleo: but your attitude makes me not want to play
River: well it would've helped if you'd said so from the start
Cleo: sorry for not laying out my plans for you every second
River: instead it comes off like 'well this is boring, let's make random, nonsensical stuff happen'
Cleo: as i've said before, i find that boring
Cleo: no
Cleo: actually everything i do has a reason
Cleo: but i don't feel like spelling it all out
Cleo: that makes it no fun
Cleo: for me
Cleo: if you don't like that, play with someone else
River: Yeah, like who?"
Cleo: ask around in furcadia.
River: NS moves at the pace of molasses in January in Alaska.
River: Furcadia is good for short stuff but long-term, forget it
River: People are completely undependable there
Cleo: i'm sure you could find a good partner
Cleo: you play there, and you write okay
River: Cleo, I wouldn't feel that way if you didn't constantly whine about the way I write.
Cleo: why shouldn't there be another?
Cleo: if i whine so much, one wonder why you approach me for rp
River: If I'm so picky and my attitude's so bad, one wonders why you keep talking to me.
Cleo: I've already told you, when you're not being a bitch, i rather like you
Cleo: but lately you so quickly start insulting me
Cleo: and i'm not sure why
Cleo: your reasons for getting upset in the rp appear irrational to me
Cleo: imho most rpers are HAPPY when their partner comes up with new things
River: -sighs-
River: I'm sorry.
Cleo: me too. i try to make you happy but
Cleo: you seem to have a very rigid plan for your rps
Cleo: and if i try to make it in any way of my own you turn into a bitch aboutit
River: I honestly don't
River: I just hate to do stuff that feels contrived
Cleo: what does that even mean
Cleo: contrived would mean i forced it in to meet a specific goal that has nothing to do with the event
Cleo: it's NOT
Cleo: do you want me to just tell you all my plans?
Cleo: i hate that, but would that make you ahppy for once?
Cleo: i brought the boys to get lirael out of the room so ahn can change back because he's too embarrassed to try it while she's there
Cleo: astin was attacked by other weres who see his creation as anathema and a reason to destroy them
Cleo: the 'gargoyle' was a stone mask they wear, with poison-tipped fangs
Cleo: ahn was always a were, he ran away from home because he didn't want to risk changing in town and hurting those he loves
Cleo: or of them hurting him without knowing what he is
Cleo: what else?
Cleo: lol cute commercial
River: -sighs-
River: No, that is -not- what I wanted you to do.
Cleo: too late now.
Cleo: now you know all my nefarious plans
River: I just wish that, you know, you wouldn't constantly harague me for my stuff, and then turn around and make random stuff happen that I don't even understand why.
River: Yeah, great
Cleo: i don't harangue you for your stuff
Cleo: as i said before
River: Now I guess you'll have more reason to jump ship if you get sick of me.
Cleo: you see negativity in everything
Cleo: oh stop being melodramatic
Cleo: if I "jump ship" it's going to be because of shit like you're doing RIGHT NOW.
River: Whatever.. I need some water.
River: Brb.
River: So are the other weres going to attack him again?
Cleo: iunno.
Cleo: probs
Cleo: once word gets back he didn't die
River: Can she kill their evil asses then?
Cleo: uh
Cleo: well they're not really evil
Cleo: but i guess she doesn't care about that
River: They're trying to kill an innocent boy.
Cleo: it's a matter of protecting their pack
Cleo: you're pro-choice, you should understand this
Cleo: the boy might be innocent but it threatens the pack to have wild weres running around
Cleo: they could attack people, get then whipped into a were-hunting frenzy
Cleo: and then the pack is screwed
River: How does that have anything to do with being pro-choice?
Cleo: well, the unborn fetus is 'innocen't
Cleo: but sometimes killing it is more merciful than letting it live
River: It isn't a living breathing person that's walking around and thinking and feeling and has an established life.
Cleo: i know that
Cleo: i'm not saying the pack is innocent
Cleo: but they're not evil
River: Well it's a far stretch and you sound dangerously anti-choice in the way you phrased it.
River: Well
Cleo: ...
Cleo: stop p0rojecting
River: If they are sensible enough to actually talk instead of attack like rabid dogs maybe they can work something out.
Cleo: okay
Cleo: yuo are not in a mood to discuss this apparently
Cleo: you should really learn to be a little more open to different ways of thinking than your own
Cleo: not everything is 'good' or 'evil'
Cleo: there are different perspectives at work
River: Actually I'm in a better mood than I was ten minutes ago, I dunno what you're thinking.
Cleo: well you certainly don't sound it
River: well the headache isn't gone yet.
River: give me a few more minutes.
River: anyway
River: fine, I'll get her to go out of the room.
Cleo: i don't really feel like playing now.
River: -.-
River: -sighs-
River: Really?
Cleo: river
Cleo: you've done nothing but insult me for the last half hour
Cleo: yes, really
River: I have not!
Cleo: yes you have
Cleo: and the fact that you don't recognize when you insult people proves you need to improve your social skills
River: I recognize I said some things you periceved as insults, but I have not -only- insulted you for the last half hour.
River: But fine, whatever. Clearly you've decided to take your ball and go home and there's fuck-all I can do about it.
River: So whatever. Go play halo or something.
Cleo: that's mature.
River: Yeah, and quitting because of a half hour spat is?
River: We've had much bigger, uglier fights and gone back to playing before.
Cleo: your logic
Cleo: is hilarious
Cleo: it's not isolated incidents
Cleo: it all adds up
River: Look
River: If you don't want to play, kindly don't sit there and continue to needle me.
River: Block me, go play halo, just go away, I don't care.
Cleo: stop acting like this
Cleo: and we can talk
Cleo: but it's very funny for you to act victimized
River: What's there to talk about?
Cleo: i dunno
Cleo: I'm not even mad
Cleo: I'm just amazed
River: -sighs, puts hands over face-
Cleo: well, whatever
River: Fine.
Cleo: i'm not going anywhere but
Cleo: if all we're going to do is fight, i suppose you ought to go to bed
River: I'm not tired
River: and I'm not talking to just you.
Cleo: ah, okay
Cleo: have fun with that then
River: Whatever.
River: I'm sick of fighting with you.
Cleo: like I just said :p
*** "River" signed off at Fri Sep 24 20:37:40 2010.

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